Non-invasive high precision thermometer

2) Temperature setting can be adjusted as °C or °F. With the device on, press for 8 seconds.
3) Alarm symbol setup (preset as 38 horses) By default it is preset.
4) Buzz prompt function (open and close). With the device on, press the button once; Turn on the buzz
5) Backlit LCD display for users to use in the dark Press the button once to turn on the backlit function.
For 8 seconds switch to object test mode.
6) Automatic range selection; Has a resolution of 0.1, 0.1, and 0.1 resolution
7) Storing the last 32 measurements in memory (press the up and down arrow keys to see the 32
most recent measurements saved).
8)Automatic data storage and automatic shutdown.
Product structure
The products mainly consist of infrared sensors, LCD screen, buttons, enclosures, handles and circuit
Infrared sensor
LCD screen
Backlit / Off button
Up button historical View historical data)
Down button display historical historical data)
Volume button
Measurement button
Battery cover

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