Braun BNT400 Contactless + Forehead Thermometer

Clinically proven with its revolutionary new technology, It makes precise, consistent and precise
Dual technology – Non-contact and forehead measurement.
Contactless : Up to 2.5 cm from non-invasive forehead.
Contact : Recommended for self-measurements.
Clinically proven accuracy in both modes Guiding system & aiming light
The steering system alerts you when you move too far away from the forehead. Aiming light makes it
easy to measure from the right area between your eyebrows.
Age sensitivity technology with color-coded display
The definition of fever varies by age.
The age range is selected before measurement and the results are interpreted correctly.
Green: Normal
Yellow: Fiery
Red: High Fever
Backlit display and silent mode
It prevents you from waking your child by allowing you to take measurements in the dark.
Food and beverage mode
You can measure the temperature of your child’s food, drinks or bath water. Suitable for all family

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